OmegaT 6.0

Files in Microsoft Office XML format can be translated directly in OmegaT
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OmegaT is a Windows-based application developed by “OmegaT”. This program is a system of automatic translation; it is necessary to mention that this application doesn’t translate texts, it only helps users in translation. The main function of the product is to make the user’s work with texts easier. Application supports translation memories written in JAVA programming language. This program is mostly used by professional translators. OmegaT supports following files formats: XHTML and HTML, Microsoft Office 2007 XML, XLIFF (Okapi) and others. This application also supports UTF-8 Unicode, that’s why it can be used with non-Latin alphabets. Among other features are: the ability to work with right-to-left languages and compatibility with other translation memory applications (TMX). The program turns to become a very useful tool for professional translators, since it can simultaneously operate with multiple-file projects, translation memories and external glossaries. Moreover, the program is absolutely free, original source code included.

Damir Buzikov
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